Vertical Aerial Safety Light

It provides an extra layer of visual communication concerning vehicle restraint status.

Aps Resource Sized

APS Resource (Mequon, WI) announces its newest innovation, the Vertical Aerial Safety Light which provides an extra layer of visual communication about vehicle restraint status for dock operations.

Sold in pairs, each 18-inch Vertical Aerial Safety Light is designed for universal mounting to the upper end of the track on either side of the dock door. Constructed of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene, the Vertical Aerial Safety Light’s wrap-around design still allows for easy door operation. The Vertical Safety Light can also be mounted directly to the wall.

The Vertical Aerial Safety Lights, which weigh only six pounds each and are impact, rust and moisture resistant with easy wire connections for 120V incoming power, help to mirror the status indicator on the restraint control panel using red and green LED colors as an additional visual indicator (as well as amber LED if the restraint control panel is equipped with an amber light).

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