Tesla Sues Company Over Charging Station Monopoly in Germany

One company controls about 95% of the country’s highway system.

Tesla has filed a lawsuit against a German gas station operator in an attempt to install charging stations along the Autobahn.

According to Focus, Tank & Rast holds a monopoly, controlling 95% of the concessions for gas stations, restaurants and hotels along the Autobahn, the country’s highway system.

That monopoly extends to charging stations, which Tank & Rast is slowly building out.

As the report points out, Tank & Rast is able to charge excessive prices at charging stations because of its monopoly.

Focus argues that it would be good for German courts to allow Tesla and Fastned, a Dutch charging station operator, to build their own Autobahn charging stations.

It would likely mean lower charging fees for German EV drivers and also result in a faster buildout of the country’s EV charging infrastructure.

Tank & Rast is arguing that gas pump concessions granted during privatization in 1998 should extend to charging stations.

Tesla and Fastned are arguing that refueling and charging are two completely different things with different business models.

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