Security Breach: The Cybercriminal's Favorite Pastime

Investigator and author Frank Riccardi talks phishing schemes, IT/OT silos, and chronicling attacks.

Perhaps the only topic that solicits a uniform response is when my guests are asked about the most important part of a cybersecurity plan. The common mantra is that there has to be buy-in throughout the organization for any plan to be successful, and it starts at the top.

Obtaining C-level support is obviously vital when it comes to loosening the corporate purse strings for software, penetration testing and training resources. But beyond that, corporate leadership can set the overall tone for a company’s attitude towards cybersecurity and the threat it presents throughout the organization, not just for IT or OT personnel.

This comes as no surprise to this week's guest. Frank Riccardi is he author of Mobilizing the C-Suite – Waging War Against Cyberattacks.

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